Senior Care Advocate, LLC Staff

To meet with one of our dedicated staff and learn how we can provide help to you or your loved one, please call 757-375-8419 and book a consultation meeting with us.

Our Services:


Assessment and Monitoring: We individualize a plan of care for your needs and determine services that are available to assist you and your family. Our team of RN case managers and medical social workers are very familiar with our Hampton Roads medical community. Our Registered Nurse Case Managers, credentialed as Aging Life Specialists, have access to a national network enabling us to expand services for our clients across the nation.

Medical Management: We attend medical appointments, facilitate communication and understanding between client, family, and medical care providers. We monitor the adherence and effectiveness of the plan of care and keep medical care providers and others accountable to that plan. We keep all parties informed.

Socialization: In our planning we include your preferences and social needs to help enhance your overall well-being, health, and happiness.

Elite Caregiving Service: We are proud to provide the area's finest caregivers who have been trained to provide exceptional one-on-one care. Our caregivers come with comprehensive background checks, bonding, liability insurance, and we provide all the tax and payroll services to make sure everyone is IRS-compliant. Our unique model allows you to pay less and caregivers to make more! Click here to learn more.

Education: We educate people of all ages about steps needed to plan for the future as we age, and how to properly care for our aging loved ones. We also help people understand the personal responsibility they have to maintain their own health and well-being.

Financial / Legal:  We refer to the area's leading financial planners, conservators, trust officers and Elder Law attorneys who can assist you in financial, estate, and legal matters.


What sets us apart from other health care services?


Personalized:  We are a compassionate, professional service that focuses on the individual’s wants and needs.

Continuity of care: We facilitate communication and coordinate with efficiency between family members, doctors and other professional service providers.


Cost containment: We make appropriate recommendations and monitor for duplication of services or unnecessary expenses. 

When do you need us?

  • You or your loved one has multiple social, medical, or psychological needs 
  • The family is not working well together
  • You are just "burned out" and need to recharge your own batteries
  • Providing for the present and future needs of your loved one is overwhelming
  • Your loved one lives in another state and you want to bring them nearer to you. How to begin?
  • You are lost in a maze of medical jargon and the medical care providers are not communicating with you
  • You need some extra care at home but only if you can get the best caregiver(s)
  • You need legal and medical advice specific for your loved one’s needs
  • Long distance care-giving is not working for you or your loved one
  • You want to remain in your own home and have services brought to you